Terms & Conditions

PROVISIONS This license grants you permission to hold an unlimited number of group showings, at one site, of the packaged license you purchased, for the period of one year from the date of purchase, with the following provisions:


  • You must purchase the DVD on your own.
  • You DO NOT require an admission charge.*
  • The movie IS NOT edited in any form, duplicated, or used for TV or Internet broadcast of any kind.
  • Your organization resides in the USA or Canada or their territories, and you will show the film here.
  • The showing is hosted by your paid staff, and the movie is not loaned to another ministry or organization.
  • The showing is held in your own facility OR a venue outside of your facility that is officially considered an extension of your organization or ministry program. Additional venues not meeting these conditions require an additional site license.

*ADMISSION NOTE: If your organization needs to issue tickets in order to manage the number of attendees or recoup expenses, you may offer tickets clearly marked with a “suggested donation.” Exhibition requiring an admission fee to the movie is a copyright violation and unlawful.


ADVERTISING: Advertising outlets and promotional resources for various films can be viewed at OutreachFilms.com.


YOU MUST FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES PUBLISHED WITH THE MATERIALS AND ONLINE. You may only make additions to artwork that reflect your venue and date information for the showing, your organization name and contact information (phone number and/or website).


MATERIALS Please reference your purchase confirmation to make sure you received the appropriate materials with your order. If you have any questions, please email leaders@pureflix.com . Keep this license and your receipt with your Movie Event DVD should any copyright issues be raised in relation to your event(s).


RENEWAL You may renew this license annually by contacting Pure Flix LLC at leaders@pureflix.com